Help us plan events that are fun AND good.  If you have connections to a restaurant or bar - organize something there.  If you have an event planned already during the 10 week campaign, consider adding us as a partner and helping us raise money.  



Raising money to end cancer takes teamwork!  Volunteer and join us to create and work fun events, reach out to contacts and help us raise awareness and make a statement.  Be part of the cure by contacting us today.  


If you are a designer, artist or otherwise involved in the creative industries, you can help in several ways.  1)  Create a limited edition product inspired by the fight to end cancer that we can sell online and at events and pledge profits.  2) Donate original work that we can use in our online and live auctions.  3) Show your line at one of our events 



Many companies will match charitable donations 1:1 and some even 2:1.  Find out if yours does and be a projectSHINE corporate ambassador.  We want your company!  


This is what it is all about.  Money talks and, in this case it speaks fluent CURE.  Truly SHINE by donating today and help us fund an end to blood cancer.  


Need more inspiration?  Take 5 and watch our LLS video.

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